Veggie Stuffed Rice Pancakes

Veggie Stuffed Rice Pancakes


300g rice powder
30g tapioca starch
200g ground mushrooms
10ml belostomatid oil
3 Ear mushrooms
½ Onion
Lime, chili, cooking oil, salt, shallots, fish sauce, sugar, garlic

nguyen lieu banh cuon


Step 1: 

Mix rice powder with 1.2l water in 20 – 30min, stir it regularly, then add tapioca starch into the rice powder to mix.

bot banh cuon

Step 2:

Mix fish sauce, belostomatid oil, water, sugar, lime, chili and chopped garlic together.

pha nuoc cham chua ngot

Step 3:

Well chop the onion and ear mushrooms which were soaked in hot water before. Stir those with ground mushrooms and shallots and cooking oil in the pan.

nhan banh cuon

After that, preparing a medium pot and boil the water. Cover the pot with a thin piece of fabric, then pour a spoon of rice powder, laminate it and put the cover on.


Step 4:

When the rice paper is well done, put a thin bamboo stick under the rice paper and take it to the plate which was covered with cooking oil.
Mix the filling then scatter it on the rice paper, roll it and lay on a plate.

trang banh cuon

cuon banh


Lay the the stuffed pancake on the plate, garnish with herbs. When eating, cut it into the bite-size pieces, scatter fried shallot and serve with sweet and sour fish sauce.



The stuffed pancake is specially delicious with the hot and soft cakes, crispy and aromatic of fried shallots, sweet and sour of sauce, herbs and aromatic and spicy belostomatid oil.
banh cuon ngon

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