How to Make a Blue Lagon Cocktail

A delicious Blue Lagon Cocktail recipe , with vodka, Blue Curacao liqueur, lemonade and soda. One of the most popular and refreshing cocktails to enjoy.

The cocktail created in 1960 by Andy MacElhone (son of Harry) at Harry’s New York Bar, Paris, France



– 35 ml vodka
– 15 ml Blue curacao liqueur
– 15 ml lemonade
– Soda water
– Ice
Decoration: lemon slice and mint


How to make

-Firstly, iced the glass which is used to make this cocktail by ices or put it in fridge.
-Secondly, add all Blue Lagoon Cocktail ingredients include vodka, blue curacao, lemonade and some ices into a cocktail shaker and shake well about 15 seconds.
-Pour prepared mixed drink in iced glass, add 7 up.
-Plop the lemon slice in the drink and wedge the mint on the side of the glass as a garnish.