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Welcome to Mint Café

Mint Cafe is a  cafe & restaurant located in the old quarter of Hanoi, just nearby the Hanoi St Joseph Cathedral and a few steps way to Hoan Kiem Lake. Mint Cafe serves freshly high quality famous local Vietnamese Coffee with breakfast, lunch and diner. Vegetarian menu is also on offer. Mint Cafe is an excellent location for your exploration trip to Hanoi with pleasant break in between.


At Mint Cafe  we are all about 5 things:

  • Fresh, high quality food and fantastic Vietnamese Coffee
  • Excellent Customer Satisfaction
  • Empowering the People and Community around Us
  • Good located Spot in central Hanoi
  • Value for money


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Welcome to Mint Café!

To make a reservation of table or food you wish on an indicated to ensure the space and availability please submit the booking form following the link to the menu section.

We have on offer:

Opening Hours

Monday 06:00 am - to - 10:30pm
Tuesday 06:00 pm - to - 10:30pm
Wednesday 06:00 am - to - 10:30pm
Thursday 06:00 am - to - 10:30pm
Friday 06:00 am - to - 10:30pm
Saturday 07:00 am - to - 10:00pm
Sunday 07:00 am - to - 10:00pm